Sculptable Jewelry

You Can Shape It Any Way You Want!

Hi, I’m Margie Beck. I’ve been in the party business in New York for many years, and I started Le Twist because I wanted to offer a new kind of jewelry that was fun and funky, sensuous and dynamic—something that lets you express your creativity and style. I call it "sculptable jewelry" because it’s a combination of jewelry and sculpture.

You can change Le Twist to fit your mood and your look. Just shape it into anything you want—necklace, armlet, belt, bangle, headband, and more! With one twist you can create hundreds of styles—from boardroom to beach party to night at the club. Its unique construction holds its shape until you change it again. And it molds so snugly against your skin that it feels like part of you.

When I traveled with my friend, the celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan, wearing Le Twist, I was amazed at the response. Everyone was fascinated—they even came up to me and started twisting. It was an instant ice-breaker!

Le Twist comes in six stylish colors, packaged in an elegant transparent tube. It looks straight out of a museum shop, and makes a great gift for both men and women.

There’s no end to what you can do with it. I’m always surprised to see new ideas. Send me an email at (and a photo, if you like!) and let me know how you wear your Le Twist!

Happy le twisting,

Margie Beck